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How StreetScape Works for our Customers

We are bringing the world to our customers with a proprietary digital imaging system, for rich, robust and authentic images. And because we work with the largest pixel size StreetScape images offer more opportunity for configuration allowing the customer to see their world, their way.

We also bring a precise perspective to the world with our patented geocoding system. At the point of capture our data is accurately calculated and mapped and through our proprietary methodology StreetScape manages through the physical peculiarities and challenges of the real world.

Authenticity and accuracy – it makes a world of difference for organizations relying on visual imagery.

It’s important to know that all StreetScape images are captured, processed and stored in their native state, for the utmost in authenticity. The only processing that happens at iLOOKABOUT’s data plant is the matching of the image to its GPS coordinate through our proprietary visual data processing methodology.   

With our suite of simple, intuitive software tools and our open architecture, StreetScape becomes a powerful tool for customers. The StreetScape image can be used in multiple ways, configured to meet multiple needs, and standardized for use by multiple people and departments, all while maintaining the highest degree of accuracy, authenticity and visual integrity.

Customization to meet specific needs and standardization for efficiency – now that’s a powerful tool for any organization.

Access to the images is only a click away. And once inside our proprietary image bank our unique cataloging system means fast and secure access to the images needed. We also have a proprietary smart cache system which means that we can ensure a consistent, high level of visual data throughput to customers, quickly and reliably.

In this age of electronic commerce and virtual reality you can’t be too careful. We protect our proprietary images and our customers with a number of unique encryption and security measures. The result - our customers are assured of the StreetScape image’s integrity, authenticity and proper use.

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