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Why StreetScape is Becoming an Essential Tool for Customers

iLOOKABOUT StreetScape is a solution to an organization’s growing reliance on visual imagery and the need for smarter, visual information application and management.

There is no doubt that visual imagery can help improve an organization’s efficiency and a professional’s decision-making effectiveness – with the right visual data.

Right, in our minds means, accurate and authentic data that you can trust.

We know that for organizations relying on visual data close is not close enough. Whether you’re in emergency services or essential services organizations, accuracy is integral to your effectiveness. StreetScape’s patented geocoding system ensures careful, precise and accurate mapping of all images so you can rest assured that what you’re looking at is where it says it is – and that’s in exactly the right place.

We know that you can’t always be there – in the field, on the job site or just down the street. That’s why authenticity in visual data is crucial.

StreetScape brings the real world right to your screen and with its unique 180° X 180° perspective it allows you to look around , put things in the proper context, and possibly help you see things from a different perspective. The result is more informed and educated decisions.

Finally, our customers are realizing the benefits of smart, standardized images that can work across departments and platforms with the highest possible utility through our open architecture. The result is improved efficiency, effectiveness and decision making. And we think that’s pretty smart too.

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